Meet the Moderators
Our History
Humans Vs. Zombies was first brought to SUNY New Paltz as a program in Lefevre Hall by Kenji Konishiro. As the game gained popularity, it expanded into a campus wide event and was approved as a club starting in 2010, thanks to the efforts of Dexter Pabulayan and Nicholas Andersen. Soon the E-Board ballooned and grew to include a separate board of moderators to referee the game. What had once been a small game amongst friends became one of the largest clubs on the campus, hosting nearly 150 players a semester.
With that in mind, we as a club have decided to shed the weight of the HvZ Source, forming our own website and game tracker. Our hope with this is to allow for a more personal experience that caters to the needs of the SUNY New Paltz Humans vs. Zombies community. Here you can find a full list of our E-Board, as well as contact information for them.
We hope to make this game a wonderful experience for all, and can't wait to see you out in the field of battle!
2017 - 2018 Eboard
Adam Creglia | President
Adam Creglia is a senior studying Adolescence Education in History at SUNY New Paltz. In his second term as President of New Paltz Humans vs. Zombies, Adam's claim to fames are creating revival bands, starting indoor mini games and running first-year orientation mini games. In his free time Adam is eating candy, scheming playing Mario Kart: Double Dash and trying to get closet space for the club (he predicts this year is finally the one).
Dylan Hirsh | Vice President
Dylan Hirsh is the Vice President of Humans vs Zombies. In his junior year at New Paltz, he studies Digital Media Production. More important, he is currently a junior intern for Banana squad as well as the founder of sun squad. With 3d printing as one of his hobbies, Dylan will often be seen using 3d printed accessories on his blasters. Most of the time, this is just so that he can talk about it as he loves attention. When he's not slaying zombies he is running the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club on campus and working as an RA in Lenape Hall.
Austin Fearnely | PR
Austin fearnley is a senior majoring in digital media and production. He holds the position of Public Relations in hvz. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games, hiking, rock climbing, and just being silly. His nickname in the club is sweaty.... You can guess why
Rachel Sydney Goldberg | Secretary
Rachel Sydney Goldberg is a sophomore majoring in Theater Arts with a concentration in Performance and a minor in Deaf Studies. When she's not stunning zombies there's a good chance that she's on the West Field throwing bludgers at unsuspecting chasers or taking a nap in her room. Other clubs include: Quidditch, Dumbledore's Army, ASL, Swing Dance, Alpha Psi Ecdysia, SUNY NP Outing Club and probably one or two others that she's forgetting at the moment. Her dislikes include earbuds where only one of the sides is working, Swiss cheese and people who scream at 3am.
Joe McGarty | Content Director
Joe McGarty is one of the two current Content Directors alongside Anthony Krisa. He is very excited to be creating the games for a second year, and hopes they are exciting and memorable for all of the players. Apart from HvZ, Joe is a double major in Digital Media Production and Theatre Performance. Joe enjoys good nights, good people, and rock em' sock em' robots. His dislikes include. clip blasters, spring loaded blasters, rival, and basically anything that isn't a shark popper.............. oh and people who sleep with socks on.
Anthony Krisa | Content Director
Anthony Krisa is a senior majoring in digital media production and is a content director along with Joseph McGarty. Anthony is a competitive League of Legends player, thinks Captain America is superior to Iron Man, is a blowpipe advocate, and loves to wear plaid. Dislikes include the Artemis, socks, and slimy zeds.
Nicholas Wagner | Head of Moderators
Nicholas Wagner (Also known as Wagdad) is a Junior studying Digital Media Production, and is one of the Head of Moderators of Humans vs Zombies at SUNY New Paltz. Nick's known for his speaker, consistently playing good music on top of better memes. Nick's main load out when charging into a horde of Zombies is a big duffel bag of socks. While Nick loves running around with an absurd amount of socks and playing only quality memes, Nick enjoys playing SSB4, Super Mario Sunshine, and loves any dog that comes near him.
Zach Bell | Head of Moderators
Zach Bell is a Junior studying Digital Media Production / Management. He is a strong advocate for melee (brainsaw only), and although you may think he is wearing zombie make-up, chances are he just didn't get enough sleep and is running on a combination of coffee and Monster.
Nicholas Moy | Webmaster
Nicholas Moy is a Senior Computer Science Major with a Math Minor at SUNY New Paltz and the Webmaster of New Paltz Humans Versus Zombies. He enjoys playing a lot of different videos games but mainly plays a small array of MMORPGs and League of Legends with his friends. When he isn't spending time playing video games, he is working on learning new coding languages and fixing the New Paltz Human vs. Zombies website. His favorite part about Humans vs. Zombies is the community it builds and the different games that are created for invitationals at other schools.